By its nature, international trade generates synergies between Cargo insurance, Credit insurance and Political Risk insurance. Through our global approach to risk, our experts are able to cover all the riskiest operations of our insured clients. We support you along the entire risk chain to secure and develop your international trade and optimize the quality of your supply chain management.

Marine Cargo Insurance

What is Marine Cargo insurance?

Marine cargo insurance covers cargoes while they are being transported (with incidental storage), whether by air, road, rail, post, courier, or any combination of the aforementioned modes of transportation. In some ways, the term “marine” is misleading.

This Insurance can be extended to include goods that are temporarily stored while they are being transported along the whole supply chain.

General average or salvage costs that the cargo owner could be able to pay are also covered by a marine cargo insurance policy.

Why do you need a Marine Cargo insurance policy ?

As a shipper (manufacturer or trader), carrier or ship-owner, your business develops against a constantly changing international backdrop.

Faced with higher volume flows, an economic, political and social environment sometimes resulting in unstable routes, technological advancement and increasingly pervading local legislations, it is essential to be properly insured and to clearly define the scope of your risks, and because logistics risks, whether in transit or storage, are cross-cutting and complex.

The solutions we implement are adapted to the needs of our clients in the industrial, commercial, logistics and commodities trading sectors.

Our clients

We design tailor-made solutions and services for:

  • Industrial and distribution companies;
  • Commodity trading businesses;
  • Carriers, logistics companies and freight forwarders and port handlers to whom goods are entrusted;
  • Companies developing industrial construction or civil engineering projects.


Trade receivables generally represent 30% of the total “assets” on the balance sheet of companies.

The company therefore runs a significant risk of non-payment, both on the domestic and export markets. This non-payment on the due date is the cause of one in four business failures, the so-called domino effect.

To compensate for this loss, the company will have to make additional commercial efforts in terms of turnover.

It is therefore imperative to secure your trade receivables: credit insurance will protect you against commercial risk (non-payment or insolvency of the debtor) and will allow you to smooth your losses over time.


Placing the client at the heart of our service offering

To provide you with a fully tailor-made solution, you are at the heart of our support approach. We are on hand to understand, analyze and define together your requirements in terms of accounts receivable management. To protect your interests, our Experts, which enjoys very broad scope for negotiation with all key market players, advises on the best solution for you and is responsible for the placement of your program.


Political risks are related to government actions that limit or deny an investor’s or owner’s ability to use or profit from their assets or lower the value of businesses and entities.

War, revolutions, government property seizures, and restrictions on the flow of profits or other revenues within a nation are a few examples of political risks.

The current global crisis, recent political upheavals, and geopolitical tensions in all regions of the world are escalating political risks for companies with an international focus.


We propose to our clients tailor made solutions to cover their assets against political risks around four pillars: <