Dental care is one of the most expensive forms of healthcare. Often overlooked, dental care costs are usually not extensively covered in basic health insurance plans in Singapore and many other countries. However, it pays to look into covering your dental needs with a comprehensive insurance policy so that you are not left facing big medical bills when you have to undergo dental surgery or treatment.

Our experts can give you advice and recommendations on full coverage dental surgery insurance schemes available in Singapore that are tailored to meet your needs.


  • Offered as an additional benefit to your medical insurance plans
  • Includes coverage not just for routine cleaning, but also for dental surgery and even orthodontics
  • Coverage limits that can go as high as $8,000/year
  • A waiting period ranging from 3 – 9 months may be imposed


Generally, your medical insurance plan will cover you for emergency dental surgery and treatment for damage to your sound and natural teeth caused by accidents. This includes common slip, trip and fall accidents but not damage to your teeth due to eating or chewing.

If you have any questions about the coverage included in the dental insurance plans we provide in Singapore, contact us for a clarification.

Additionally, you can also enhance your medical insurance to include full coverage for dental services such as routine oral examinations including scaling and polishing. Dental treatments or procedures that are more complex such as extractions, root canals, fillings, implants, crowning and orthodontics (braces) among many others can also be covered depending on the level of dental insurance that you have taken up in Singapore.

Dental insurance is just as important as medical insurance Just as you would schedule regular medical check-ups, doing the same for your dental health can be monumental in helping you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Even if your dental health is in good shape, buying dental insurance in Singapore will protect you from incurring sudden expenses in the event you need surgery or extensive treatment. Insurance will effectively help you safeguard your finances in the long term.

Unsure on how to navigate the process of buying the right dental insurance plan for your needs out of the numerous options on the market in Singapore? Reach out to our team today for a discussion or visit our FAQ page for any enquiries you may have regarding our insurance policies and plans.


Dental insurance is not mandatory by any means, but it is generally advised to acquire one. Poor oral health can be a precursor to other illnesses or conditions. Having comprehensive dental insurance can steer you in the direction of having regular dental check-ups and lower the costs of your treatments, if necessary.

While not mandatory, some employers include dental cover as part of their employee benefits package in Singapore. This coverage might not cover annual dental cleaning, filling, tooth decay extractions or emergency treatments for toothaches. Both expat and local employees who feel that the coverage is insufficient are encouraged to top up their plans with additional insurance on their own.

With access to a good network of insurance providers, the team at Diot-Siaci Asia can connect you to well-designed dental insurance policies here in SingaporeGet in touch with our team today. Besides dental insurance, Diot-Siaci Asia offers flexible coverage on all kinds of insurance products, allowing you to customise what is right for you at any given time and situation. You can also reach out to us for pregnancy insurance and outpatient insurance coverage as well as group personal accident policies.

*Please note that dental insurance is offered as an add-on option, and cannot be purchased on its own.