Critical illness insurance is a type of insurance that pays the employee a lump sum if they are diagnosed with a severe illness. According to the Ministry of Health in Singapore, heart attack, cancer and stroke are amongst the top 10 reasons for hospitalisation and these illnesses are considered as the top 3 critical illness in Singapore today. 

Now a medical plan will cover your employees medical expenses, but what about when, due to the debilitating effects of a critical illness, your employee is unable to work, who pays the bills then. Critical illnesses usually required long term treatment which creates tremendous mental and financial stress to the employees and their families.  

Generally, Group Critical Illness plan covers 37 Severe Stage Critical Illnesses as defined by the Life Insurance Association (LIA) Critical Illness Framework.  

Providing a critical illness benefit to your employees gives them protection should they be diagnosed with any of these illnesses and would be an enormous help to your employees  and their family during the unprecedented times, especially as a study by the LIA found that the average Singaporean is underinsured for critical illness by an average $256,000. 

Offering this kind of financial security is a great opportunity for employers to show their employees that they are genuinely valued. Give one of our employee benefits experts a call today, and they can walk you through the options that are available for you and your team. 



Critical illness insurance provides you with a financial safety net in the event you are diagnosed with a critical illness, such as major cancer, stroke, kidney failure or Parkinson’s disease. Your insurance provider pays out a lump sum, so you will be protected from having to supplement large hospital bills or the cost of long-term treatment.

When diagnosed with a debilitating disease, it might be difficult to hold on to a full-time job, and you could experience a loss of income. Critical illness insurance serves to tide you through this time by providing a sum adequate to cover your basic needs, such as mortgage payments, food and electricity.

Hospital and surgical insurance cover you specifically for any medical expenses incurred while you are warded at the hospital and for any subsequent outpatient treatment required. Critical illness insurance, however, is meant to provide coverage for a long-term disease through a lump sum payment.

Being diagnosed with a critical illness can mean multiple visits to the hospital, expensive medical tests and several costly treatments over an average of five years. Hospital insurance is insufficient to cover these exorbitant medical fees.

Diot-Siaci Asia is an experienced health insurance broker based in Singapore that will guide you through the process of selecting the right critical illness insurance package. With over 2,000 products to choose from, our financial advisors can customise a plan that strikes a balance between comprehensive coverage and affordable premiums. Speak to us now.