Weight of the Freight: Rising role on Insurance in maritime


Three months after the car carrier Galaxy Leader was hijacked in the Red Sea, attacks on merchant shipping in the region have continued. Freight and insurance costs have risen with diversions around the Cape of Good Hope, adding another three weeks to voyages. Maxence Servelle, Head of Cargo at Diot-Siaci Asia, joins Argus’ clean tanker freight senior reporter Sean Zhuang to discuss the increasing impact of insurance in maritime.

Key topics covered in the podcast:

  • Rising tensions in the Red Sea prompted LR tanker freight rates to spike in early January
    • How are rates faring now, and how is insurance moulding freight in the region?
  • Impact of Cargo Insurance market
  • How ‘The Polar” case ruling limits shipowner’s right to refuse Red Sea voyages

Listen here to how the Red Sea attacks impact maritime insurance costs.

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