Foreign Domestic Worker Medical Insurance | A Guide


Accidents happen everyday, be it at home or outdoors. It’s hard to say for sure when or how one might incur an incident or simply need additional medical attention.

Just like how we acquire life and hospital insurance for ourselves, extending the protection and gesture to our domestic helpers – who do so much for our families on a daily basis – can be helpful for all parties. 

We cannot deny the likelihood of accidents occurring to anyone, including domestic helpers. It’s pivotal to note though that domestic helpers can be vulnerable to a whole host of other hazards and dangers on-the-job. From contracting illnesses and experiencing work-related injuries such as scalding or falling, to physical exhaustion, topping up their basic foreign domestic worker medical insurance to a  comprehensive one can provide extra protection for your finances in the event they get injured and are admitted to the hospital where bills can be high. With sufficient protection coverage, you can focus on assisting your domestic helper in their recovery without the financial stress.

Other cases, such as the road fatality incident just two years back is another example of how exposed and vulnerable domestic helpers can be. Just because their work is mostly at home, doesn’t shield them from other hazardous activities and risks. 

With a strong network of insurance providers and a trusted team of professionals, many have chosen to entrust their individual, corporate, and foreign domestic helpers insurance needs to Expat Insurance Singapore who are known for their reliability.

What is foreign domestic worker medical insurance? 

Medical insurance for domestic workers is designed to cover work-related and healthcare costs during their stay here in Singapore. Our domestic helpers play an essential role in our households as their scope of working requires them to cook and clean, as well as care for young children and the elderly. Needless to say, they are exposed to occupational hazards such as musculoskeletal injuries, airborne illnesses, and harsh chemicals hence it’s important to insure them with the right insurance policy. 

Reliance on foreign domestic helpers are only set to increase in Singapore, with both parents working and a larger percentage of elderly living at home. It’s crucial then, for employers to be familiar with the requirements and different medical insurance packages there are to ensure their finances and wellbeing of their domestic helpers are protected.

With adequate medical policy, it helps employers have a handle on their finances for accidents that may occur while their domestic helpers are on-the-job, giving them the confidence required.   

What are the requirements of hiring a domestic helper here in Singapore? 

It is mandatory for employers to provide their domestic helpers with a foreign worker medical insurance that covers personal accidents, hospitalisation, and outpatient medical expenses in Singapore. According to the Ministry of Manpower, coverage should be at $15,000 per year at minimum for inpatient care and day surgery and these costs cannot be passed on to your domestic helper. Buying your helper medical insurance is part of your medical obligations as an employer.

At first glance, the $15,000 coverage may seem sufficient but this is hardly the case. It is highly encouraged for employers in Singapore to consider bumping up the medical insurance for domestic helpers as in the event of injuries, it’s so much more likely that medical bills in Singapore will grow exponentially over the years. Getting a tailored medical insurance plan for your domestic helper will prevent the need for you to fork out an immense amount of financial resources to help fund the treatment and care needed later on. Planning early is key to keeping your financial expenses low.

Foreign domestic worker policies typically go for either 14 or 26 months, with the extra 2 months included by the government to protect the helper once her permit expires. It helps cover additional outpatient medical costs and third-party liabilities. Third party liability coverage helps employers cover expenses incurred as a result of your helper causing accidental injury or death to any third-party. Just by simply comparing the coverage amounts for basic versus enhanced policies offered by different companies, employers can note that bumping up the policy can be instrumentally helpful in the long run for both parties. When it comes to personal accident or hospital outpatient coverage, it’s always recommended to err on the cautionary side so bolstering your domestic helper’s medical insurance is an incredible way to give you and your employee a peace of mind. 

With comprehensive medical insurance, employers can avoid a costly situation of dipping into their own financial reserves and savings to pay for their domestic workers’ medical bills. 

What are the benefits of adding on a comprehensive policy to the basic foreign domestic worker medical insurance? 

Health & security 

First and foremost, doing so will ensure the health and security of your domestic helper. Not only does it give your domestic helper a peace of mind, it also offers you with an assurance on financial costs. Medical treatments can be costly and if you’re admitted to the hospital, it can be a much more stressful situation. A couple of days in the hospital can set you back thousands of dollars. When your domestic helper requires medical attention, having a solid personal accident plan in place can alleviate your financial concerns here. Plus, it doesn’t compromise your financial standing. This ensures that your domestic helper will be able to access Singapore’s healthcare services without concerns around affordability. The sooner your domestic helper can receive the medical treatment she needs, the quicker her recovery will be before resuming her duties to care for your home.

Emotional support for domestic helpers 

Acquiring a comprehensive medical insurance for your domestic helpers is a gesture that signifies your commitment to taking care of them. It gives them a sense of security and belonging as they work abroad, away from their families. 

Peace of mind 

There is stability and peace for both employee and employer. This solidifies a good working relationship and is a win-win for both parties involved. When domestic helpers are aware that their well being is taken care of with adequate medical insurance, they will have more confidence in working with and for the family. Likewise, it gives employers the peace of mind that they’ll be happy to have during the course of employment. Knowing your helper is protected and insured will reduce the concerns you have as she carries out everyday work. 

How can Expat Insurance help me? 

As your trusted insurance broker, Expat Insurance can help you navigate the nitty-gritty details of acquiring medical insurance for your domestic helpers. From the mandatory to the top-up options available, we can help make this process a smooth and hassle-free one. Get in touch today. 

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